Friday, February 20, 2009

U2's "With or Without You" by Neanderpaul - MBPYNHO

In this broadcast of Music By People You've Never Heard Of, I bring you this inspired and inspiring home-brewed version of the famous U2 anthem as performed by Neanderpaul. I'll tell you up front, this is not a great recording, even by the standards of YouTube. It won't matter, just check it out.

I know nothing about this guy, and I found him as I was searching for videos of artists using the Boss RC-20XL Loop Station. For those of you not hip to what the Loop Station is all about, Neanderpaul is an able demonstrator of it's considerable creative possibilities. He plays, sings, and records every sound you hear in this video in real time....this is a completely live performance.

There are a lot of folks using this kind of fun tool nowadays, and I've written about it before. In Neanderpaul's videos, though, I was especially struck by his unpretensious demeanor and his passionate approach to every performance, whether it is a cover tune like this one or an original. You get the sense that it doesn't matter who or even if anyone is listening. There is an implicit devotion to honesty, economy, and simplicity that is admirable. His commitment to the music really shines through.

I don't know the guy, but he's an artist, and I like what he's got going on. It's not about perfection, it's about passion.


paul said...

I am neanderpaul! Your kind words are quite encouraging. I especially appreciate this part... "You get the sense that it doesn't matter who or even if anyone is listening." It really hits home that even if no one is listening I give it my all. I do even when alone. And ... "There is an implicit devotion to honesty, economy, and simplicity that is admirable." I really obsess on economy. I want to get to it quickly, try to keep it interesting from the beginning, and keep it as short as possible. That can be difficult when I loop. I have posted links to this blog in several of my online hangouts. I just went to try out for America's got Talent. I have 4 weeks left to wait to find out if I made it! Wish me luck! Thanks so much!!!

Barry Pike said...

Hi, Paul. Thanks for stopping by, it's good to meet you, virtually speaking.

You are doing some cool stuff with the Boss looper, for sure. I've been playing with mine for just a couple of weeks and your videos have really helped unwrap some of the creative potential for me.

I wish you the very best of luck on your AGT audition; that is very cool. I hope you do well.

paul said...

Barry, I'm going on a tour. From VA to TX and back. Are you in that loop? Pun intended 8^)