Saturday, January 17, 2009


From the Music By People You Never Heard Of wholly owned subsidiary of PikeSpeak, here is "Doot-Doot" by Freur, circa 1983.

Other than "doot doot", most of the lyrics are completely unintelligible. It doesn't matter, though, there is much to love about this song/video and I suspect that deep, thoughtful lyrics would probably just get in the way. Sure the haircuts and clothes look funny, but so what?

Things I like about this include the understated "slow-burn" groove, the synchronized echoey vocal sounds and the complex texture created by layering multiple simple parts.

My favorite section starts about 2:32 when the drummer comes in, attacking that classic Simmons drumkit with such drama. That is also where the synth strings come to the fore....and I really love the rich, warm sound of 80's analog strings.

h/t Chordstrike

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