Thursday, December 04, 2008


For my birthday, I received the most wonderful toys:

A Radial Engineering Trimode Distortion Pedal

Motorola Z6TV Cellphone

Juggling balls

Albums by:

Buddy Miller

David Bowie

David Byrne & Brian Eno

Carlos Santana

A new crockpot!

Not to mention an excellent black hoodie, a sweatshirt, and some generous monetary gifts.

Plus, I was treated to a meal at the best restaurant in Richmond, Ghyslain, with my wife, mom, and Grandma. Chef Ghyslain is an international award-winning chocolatier and restauranteur from Canada. Outstanding!

I missed my son not being there, but he'll be home from IU/Bloomington soon.


Jenn said...

Don't you just love the Buddy Miller CD?

Barry Pike said...

Yes, I do, it is really good. I noticed your Uncle Phil in the credits, too.

NP said...

Glad you had a good day. :)

margova said...

Nice crock pot :-)

margova said...

Also, if I bought my husband a 'yodeling pickel' for his birthday, I'd insist that he allow me to use it from time to time..