Friday, February 01, 2008

Looking Presidential

Like many people, and especially Republicans, as I look with growing dread towards the looming Presidential elections, I find myself increasingly dissatisfied with my ever-narrowing range of choices. Barring unforeseen calamity, it appears that we will be compelled to choose between McCain and Romney. Neither muster within me any enthusiasm whatsoever. Here is a telling little chart that I purloined from a recent post by Gatewaypundit who, it seems, got it from Doug Ross.

I don't wanna, but I may have to vote for Mr. Romney. There are never perfect candidates, to be sure, but this season's bouquet, though mostly fresh-picked and carefully arranged, seem more brilliantly flawed than ever.

I know many of the Dems are ambivalent about their prospects as well. Perhaps within this tension and uneasiness we will find some admirable truth, some uniting strength. Lord, willing.

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DaveG said...

Here's the way I see it, not that anyone asked.

If you were to put McCain and Hillary into a dark room and had to tell them apart by their policies and personalities, you wouldn't be able to do so. So, needing a tie-breaker, I have decided to use one, single issue: which one will keep Philanderer Bill furthest away from the interns?